Below, we’ve pictured a typical step-by-step progression of our buildings process:

Step 1: Beebe Buildings are fully engineered, customizable post-and-frame structures. The solid foundation is composed of treated posts embedded in a 3′ concrete pier.
Step 2: Building walls are constructed with horizontal wood girts. While the roof is wood purlins over beams and/or engineered trusses.
Step 3: After the roof is constructed, builders raise the roof and secure it with steel bolts.
Step 4: Roofing and siding consist of maintenance-free Fabral steel available in 22 colors.

Beebe Buildings is a licensed and insured, family owned organization that has been in operation for over 40 years. We offer full service pole barn buildings and include services such as: site preparation, concrete floors, electrical and plumbing. Beebe Buildings can customize your entire building for you from start to finish. We can even secure building permits for you. With dependable on time scheduling, we can meet you needs quickly and efficiently.